Design and implementation of B2B e-shop

Design and implementation of B2B e-shop

Design and implementation of B2B e-shop

A few words about the Brand

The drugstore K. Xydia SA has been active in the wholesale drug and paraplegic sector since 1983.


The main goal was to create an easy-to-use B2B e-shop that will enable pharmacists (customers of Xydia SA) to order online the products they want.

The strategy we followed

We have created an easy-to-use interface for the professional visitor, with a great focus on functionality. The pharmacist can search for products based on EOF code, part or whole product name, Barcode, category.

In addition, the user can simultaneously search for multiple products.

In order to work properly (stock control, prices, products, etc.) B2B e-shop, we implemented an interface with the Xydia SA management program.


The final result is highly successful and technologically innovative in terms of functionality.

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