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Create a Website

Create a Website

A few words about the Brand

ER-LAC is one of the largest Greek paint manufacturers. Beyond its presence in Greece, the company has a remarkable presence in the world.


Our goal was to create a quality and intelligently structured website, through which the company’s products , informative articles / decoration tips, color list, useful questions etc. will be displayed.

The strategy we followed

Having deepened to the needs of the company, we conducted a thorough electronic market research in this industry.

Then we designed a tailor-made website with a special emphasis:

  1. In classifying and presenting products so that each user (professional or private) can easily find what he is looking for.
  2. The holistic visitor information through a specially configured landing page (Erlacpedia) which displays useful material with suggestions for colors, tips, technical tips, and other useful information.

As part of the ER-LAC chrome designation, we created a custom color search tool through which each visitor can look for the color of his choice either by choosing from the Erlac color palettes or by searching for a specific color code.

In addition, we have conducted a special store search, where each user can easily find, using his/her address, the nearest paint shops in his area with ER-LAC products.

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