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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

A few words about the Brand

FabUlove is a new Greek company in the field of women’s clothing.


The main goal was to enhance brand awareness and increase sales through e-shop.

The strategy we followed

The brand had no online / offline presence until then, beyond the e-shop. In order to be introduced to the Greek & Cypriot audiences, our strategy was twofold.

On the one hand, we created an online fan base, consisting of a high-quality audience. We targeted a female audience with interest in fashion based on specific demographic and behavioral features.

The next step was to strengthen engagement with the fan base, so we’ve been doing remarketing remotely to users who visited our e-shop & Facebook page. This was the point that led to increased online sales.

In the aforementioned campaigns, we have often taken care of the artists, taking advantage of the excellent photography of the brand products. This is how we constantly updated content to users.

At the same time, we did some individual actions with digital influencers, which functioned as brand ambassadors. These influencers have significantly contributed to the rise of brand awareness & web fan base.

Additionally, for the above actions to work, an audit was performed on the existing site.

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