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Through 360 digital approach, tailored to the needs of our partner, we use all digital channels and guarantee the result.

Research Market

Everything begins with market research! To deepen the needs of a business we thoroughly study the market, its competitors, the habits and the needs of consumers. We also carry out SWOT analysis, which is the main part of market research! This includes internal and external environmental analysis of the brand (offline and online), so that we can evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that may exist.

Βrand Identity

We create from scratch or strengthen the identity of the brand, which represents the business, its values and its visions. The branding process involves extensive market research, analyzing business needs, outlining the target groups targeted and applying all the necessary techniques, creating an easily recognizable presence for online and offline community. A successful branding translates into improving brand competitiveness and economic growth.

Our services include: Creating name, Logo, Colours, Tone Of Voice, Target Group, Brand Guidelines

Strategy & Consulting

We thoroughly analyze the market and the competition by collecting all available data that will lead us to our goals. We distinguish all potential online opportunities for our partners, shaping their digital footprint through holistic services such as consulting in every level, branding and the right market positioning.

Our services include: Brand positioning, target groups, individual campaign goals, and project planning.

Creative Design & Development

Collaboration, originality and brainstorming: is what we need to create experiences for users and serve the needs of the brand. Using best practices, in terms of UX (User Experience) & UI (User Interface), we create powerful products that increase brand awareness, engagement with its audience and, ultimately, revenue.

Our Services include: Websites, Landing Pages, e-shops, Responsive Design, Applications, UX/UI friendly, Web Design, A/B Testing.


Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing strategy we follow for our partners is proven to increase brand awareness and sales, while ensuring maximum return on investment ROI (Return of Investment).

Our services include: Strategic plan, Budget sharing across all online communication channels, Targeting, Reporting.

Social Media

We set up the social media positioning of brands, enhancing the relationship with their audience. All social media campaigns start from the strategic and deep understanding of your business goals. The FLIP NEW MEDIA team works closely with you and researches your market, your competitors, new trends, and campaigns to match the most effective social media tools for you.

Our services include: Social Media Strategy & Advertising, Cross-Channel Services, Monitoring, Reporting, Bots, Storytelling.

Email Marketing

We help brand development and loyalty consolidation with brands customer base, with personalized through a high and average financial ROI.

Our Services include: Newsletters, Inbound Marketing.


Content is the king and not just for the organic (unpaid) search. Creating unique and original content has a tremendous positive impact on the prestige of online PR, SEO, Social Media, and creates a competitive advantage. Content campaigns keep the audience active.

We create custom content (text, photos, video) tailored to the goals of each campaign and the style of each communication channel.

Monitoring Insights & Analytics

Nothing would make sense if we had no idea of ​​our effectiveness. We check our actions daily and adjust them accordingly.

Our services include: Analysis, Auditing & Fine Tuning, Conversion Control, KPIs, Reporting.

Inbound Marketing

We provide personalized communication to the visitors of the online presence points of the brand. We turn visitors to potential customers, customers and brand ambassadors.

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