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A few words about the Project

Peugeot’s technological superiority, coupled with Mark Zuckerberg’s statement that the future of customer service and online sales is on Facebook bots, led us in the summer of 2016 to design a innovative Facebook bot.


The main goal was to provide instant and reliable service to Peugeot’s Facebook fans through an innovative application. Also, Facebook bot would still be a channel of communication in the existing multi-channel online brand communication.

The individual goal was to design an integrated user experience path that would enhance engagement between visitors and brand. At the same time, it would be an opportunity to further promote the Peugeot models in a pioneering way.

The strategy we followed

The challenge was great as we wanted to create an innovative application in which even the most demanding user can be 1 click away from what he is looking for.

Our strategy was based  on the correct categorization of Peugeot’s services and on other hand, on the most frequent requests on Facebook messenger.

In that way we could satisfy most of the Facebook users, but at the same time direct them wherever we want.

Beyond the functional stage, we wanted to present a project  at UX / UI levels.


Peugeot Hellas became the first Peugeot worldwide to activate Facebook’s new operation, as well as the first automotive importing company in Greece to adopt this technology.

In fact, it was the first Facebook bot in Greece with the capability to allow the user to move from the chat to a conversation with a spokesman, and vice versa, as many times as he likes, without ending the conversation.

Additionally, we internally implemented the push notification feature for users who had contacted Facebook bot.

Finally, we also implemented a custom dashboard internally to push bulk push messages through a customer-friendly, simple and user-friendly environment.

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