Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

A few words about the Brand

LAMBERTS is a leading company in the food supplements market.


The aim was to create a high-level website that would provide comprehensive information to visitors about all the company’s products, dietary tips (through blogging), personalized information for professionals (e.g. pharmacists, doctors, etc.) while providing the opportunity for integrated online marketing actions (Customer Acquisition, SEO, Inbound Marketing, etc.) and improved Google Analytics metrics.

The strategy we followed

We started the implementation on ‘white paper’. Tailor made design is addressed simultaneously to the retail customer and the partner pharmacist or physician. We have created an environment of easy and fast navigation utilizing all the latest trends in both desktop and mobile-first, in full responsive design.

We have adopted the smart search logic (FLIP New Media), both at the product finder level and at the Affiliate Pharmacy (network) level.

Health professionals have access through specialized log-in, specialized scientific material. This was intended to further strengthen, the relationship between brand and Partner Network.


The effectiveness of the new website did not take long to appear. With the implementation of the separate log-in for the affiliate network, an increase in new members has been observed since the launch date and for the first 6 months.

The basic Google Analytics metrics show the following: (3rd quarter of 2017 compared to Q1):

  • Increase in Sessions
  • Increase Organic Search
  • Increase in Users
  • Increase to Page Views
  • Increase in New Sessions
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