Create Online Contest

Create Online Contest

Create Online Contest

A few words about the Brand

ER-LAC is one of the largest Greek painting companies with a remarkable international presence.


Our goal is to create an original online contest aimed at strengthening Brand Recall in the conscience of domestic consumers.


We created an original online contest where participants had the chance to get acquainted with the new colors of ER-LAC, applying the shades to specially designed three-dimensional real-time homepages.

Users were then able to choose their favorite color and claim it by participating in the data capture contest.

The special page of the contest was created with a view to providing a unique and enjoyable user experience, with an emphasis on direct understanding of the content.

Facebook and Google have been used as tools to promote the online contest through a targeted advertising campaign, which has led to a high number of leads and has strengthened the brand’s website traffic.

The thousands of leads of the data capture contest are now being used with targeted remarketing actions & personalized online newsletter communication.

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