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A few words about the Brand

The collaboration with the PURE Juice Bar team began in October 2015, due to the need to create a website. PURE is a juice bar that focuses on a healthy diet.


The goal was to create a website that will inform visitors with healthy eating tips while also presenting the full list of products available to the store, in order to make a phone order.

The strategy we followed

Our goal was to capture all the necessary information in a modern and fresh design.
On the home page, the visitor can see the full list of products, broken down by category (coffee, smoothies, wraps, etc.). So, he is one click away from the product of its choice.
In the context of stimulating engagement with the online fan base, we created a poll under the menu where the visitor can vote for the product of the month.
Finally, there are special sections with New and Nutritional Tips. There the visitor can find useful tips for proper nutrition, but also to be informed about healthy eating. These sections helped reinforce organic search, as the content was created in an SEO-friendly way.

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