CompassAir Website Design & Development

CompassAir Website Design & Development

CompassAir Website Design & Development

A few words about the brand

Dreamtech is a Greek company that develops innovative software for shipping companies.


Our goal was to create an innovative microsite, which features features, of the new CompassAir software release.

Brief description of the project

The space and everyday life of Shipping is such ,that information must be given instantly and comprehensively without losing information.

Starting from white paper, we implemented the microsite design based on the above pillars. The content on the microsite is presented in a direct, easy-to-use way and with the help of animation, the visitor has a full picture of the possibilities of the new software.

The FAQ, the interactive map, the call to action button “Contact Us” that follows the user in his navigation are some of the tips that contribute to the top UX & UI.


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