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Black Friday
Useful Tips

Whatever you ask about what the most profitable day of the year is, it will probably answer Black Friday. It is a tradition that began in America, but in the era of globalization, it is difficult for such an idea to remain in a country (or continent). And this is a very good idea, as consumers want to buy cheaply while vendors want to increase profits.
Black Friday in America is Friday just after Thanksgiving and officially marks the opening of the Christmas season. It is an opportunity for the public to buy products at very low prices, such as clothes and electronic devices. Branches often extend business hours to serve many customers who are expecting early mornings.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

As expected, the Black Friday madness passed on the web, which led to the birth of Cyber ​​Monday. In fact, it is the first Monday after Black Friday, when e-shops have very large discounts. Black Friday has conquered the web and, above all, e-shops (both in web and mobile traffic).

Preparation for Black Friday

What do you have to do to be ready for those 2 days?

  • Prepare your website / e-shop for increased traffic.
  • Make sure the visitor will see the correct reduced prices.
  • Use dynamic content such as pop-ups and new banners to communicate with discount prices.
  • Extra support: Increased demand for the days may also involve increased staffing. Do not neglect it because it may backfire, and you will not be able to respond to the increased volume of orders and questions. A live chat feature would be ideal.
  • Send push notifications to as many leads as you’ve already collected to remind customers and potential customers.
  • Email marketing: Beyond generic newsletters with the general content of discounts, try to make personalized communication based on the actual needs of the customer. Customers are prepared to accept and reject bulk emails, so surprise them with something personalized.
  • Last and foremost: Remarketing actions on customers who have left the purchase process on the checkout page. You have a 621% greater chance of selling if you communicate with a specific audience!

Good Luck!


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