Citroën C3
YouTube Masthead Campaign

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YouTube Masthead Campaign

Citroën C3
YouTube Masthead Campaign

A few words about the Brand

Citroën is a leading brand in the car industry, as demonstrated by the brand-new C3. As part of our long-standing collaboration on a digital level, we have proposed and implemented a YouTube Masthead campaign to promote the C3.


The aim was to communicate the new Citroën C3 to the most popular social media in Greece, in order to further increase the awareness of Citroën’s new model and to collect a large number of quality leads through a test drive.

The strategy we followed

We chose YouTube as a means of communication, since it is the most popular social media in Greece.

So, we ensured that all users who would open the YouTube home page in Greece would see the Citroën C3 ad, which would greatly enhance awareness.

From the visual side, we chose to communicate animated content for 2 reasons:

Initially, we could communicate the model’s basic USP, which is about full personalization at the design level, with 144 possible color combinations, and in addition, animation is eye-catchy and “pulls” the eye of the user.

On clicking on Masthead, the user could fill in his details and close test drive.

What followed the action was remarketing. In particular, users who submitted their test drive data received a personalized contact where they could leave their comments on the dealer and the car.

This feedback was very valuable, for both the dealer and the brand.

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