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Reduces Bounce Rate!

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Reduces Bounce Rate!

Google AMP Page
Reduces Bounce Rate!

Completed for 2 years since then, the needs and wishes of publishers and platforms have been brought together.

The result? Google AMP Pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

The growth of mobile browsing is more rapid than ever, and the time available for each user is getting smaller. In the same logic Facebook Instant Articles, Google adopted AMP technology to prevent the user from abandoning the pages he wishes to read because of the slow loading time.


Google AMP Pages: How the need was born?

The speed and experience of users remain more important than ever on the web.

A percentage of users greater than 53% has abandoned their visit to websites from a mobile device if the required loading time was longer than 3 seconds. Any delay is prohibitive and leads to a significant increase in the bounce rate.

Over the last 2 years, there has been rapid growth in the use of AMPs.

Over 25 million websites use AMP technology and have published more than 4 billion AMP pages. Of course, it is not only the number of pages that has grown, but also the speed of loading.

The average time that an AMP page needs to load from Google search is less than half a second..

The user experience is excellent.

The user can have a full screen experience, with interactive points, eye-catchy visuals, video, image galleries and more. At the same time, they can share the content in the social media of their choice.

Any organization or freelancer can create products or features that work in full compatibility with AMP pages.

There is a basic requirement: they must comply with AMP program specifications.


Google Amp Pages benefits

According to Google, AMP pages load 10 times faster than shared pages, while according to CNBC the average AMP page loading time has decreased by 387%!



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