Details make the difference
in an online store!

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Details make the difference
in an online store!

In case you have in mind building an online shop, we offer you the necessary tips to move forward. FLIP New Media team is updated daily about new trends in ecommerce. After reading 5 our first 5 tips on building an online shop, this article offers you the next 5.

Let your customers compare your products

Potential customers spend enough time comparing products.

Clear & Soon Call to Action

Calls to action are used on all types of websites out there, but more specifically at e-shop. Because of the multiple advertising messages, we receive daily, it is extremely important, call to action, to be brief and clear. This way, you can easily direct the behavior of your visitors.

Customize mobile content

The mobile version of an online shop must have the same efficiency – user friendliness, with the desktop version. At a time when smartphone users only grow, mobile will be one of the main sources of your profit.

It’s not so easy to get the same feeling from desktop to smartphones. The screen size of smartphones makes it more difficult to navigate. You must pay extra weight to the mobile version of your e-shop and customize the design according to the needs of your visitors. Finally, you can pay attention to UX / UI issues, where the “appropriate” tools (eg hotjar) increase the efficiency of your e-shop.

Build trust (leading to secure payment solutions)

Building trust is also important in trying to make online sales work. Although online shopping has been around for several years, prospective consumers are still skeptical about moving on to an online transaction. In cases where your e-shop is brand new, you will need to build confidence with your potential audience in the short term. One of the things you can do to help build this trust is to place the secure payment solutions that people are already familiar with (such us Paypal).

In this way, they will be confident that their market is completely safe, and the market barrier will become smaller. Finally, visitors are familiar with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) providing security when transmitting sensitive data.

Critics. Is there need to build an online shop?

Another key piece that will determine how willing customers are by moving on to purchasing your products is product reviews. This is one of the little things consumers are looking at when they buy a product, whether they have experience with it or not.

Make sure reviews on product pages are in the right place. Consumers will spend a lot of time looking at reviews. What you can do, for example, is to let visitor’s star rating the products using an easy-to-read font.


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